Episodes and cast



Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if sugar was a an illegal substance? If so, be sure to check out episode 1 below! (This is the YouTube version. The podcast version will be up in podcasting sites in a few weeks.)

THE CAST OF EPISODE 1: (in order of appearance):

  • Sam Kim as Jake, the cop

  • Chad Burris as the old man in jail, and as Bob

  • Janie Kol as Marianne, the property clerk

  • Maggie LeVine as Gloria the lawyer

  • Lec Zorn as Judge Watson

  • Niki Galiano as Sam’s mother

  • Davu from Replica Studios as the receptionist

  • Nick Massey as Jack

  • Keith Harvey as Eric, the counselor

  • Anya Barreiro as Sandy

  • Sonam Dhalawat as Jyoti

  • Michael Brooks as Carlos


EPISODE 2: (in pre-production)

SPRING BREAK: EARTH – Three alien college students from Intergalactic University (Jaltoo, Teek, and Farfle) get stuck in Florida during Spring Break, when they come to Earth to study human mating habits.