Episode 1 of Rush Hour Comedy Radio

Here is the newly edited YouTube version of Episode 1 of Rush Hour Comedy Radio.

It’s called, ‘The Addiction,” and if you’ve ever wondered what the world would be like if sugar was an illegal substance, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

The podcast version will be available at podcasting sites soon!

THE CAST OF EPISODE 1: (in order of appearance):

  • Sam Kim as Jake, the cop
  • Chad Burris as the old man in jail, and as Bob
  • Janie Kol as Marianne, the property clerk
  • Maggie LeVine as Gloria the lawyer
  • Lec Zorn as Judge Watson
  • Niki Galiano as Sam’s mother
  • Davu from Replica Studios as the receptionist
  • Nick Massey as Jack
  • Keith Harvey as Eric, the counselor
  • Anya Barreiro as Sandy
  • Sonam Dhalawat as Jyoti
  • Michael Brooks as Carlos

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